TTF Faslane, HMNB Clyde
Chiller Upgrade and Controls Installation

The Challenge
York International approached RE Dew, leaders in building and energy management solutions with the task of meeting a number of key objectives, namely controlling the chiller plant within the TTF building at HMNB Clyde.
Chilled water for the environmental air conditioning and equipment cooling air handling units is provided at a constant temperature of 6?C by four packaged water cooled, chilled water screw compressor refrigeration plants.
Each chiller is fitted with an integral control panel which controls the primary chilled water and condenser water pumps serving the chiller.

The Solution
RE Dew were responsible for the chiller system upgrade including supply of TREND controls
and outstations, installation and commissioning of the new system.
More specifically, they were responsible for:

Design, manufacture and supply of pump control panels.
• Installation of new power and control cables to chillers, pump panels and pump.
• Commissioning new trend controllers for chiller system upgrade.
• The design and implementation of a tailored graphics package installed onto existing
basewide supervisory terminal.

The Benefits
RE Dew were able to install the system with the least amount of disruption.
Efficiency has significantly been improved.
The existing outdated control system was successfully decommissioned and replaced in order to provide effective control of the chiller plant, saving energy and reducing fuel costs.

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